Everything up to now

Hello people. We are back. Sorry for the lack of update but we have just struggled to get round to it.

So, where to begin. School is going well at the minute, we have just had a 4 day weekend, followed by another day off mid week, and next week we are off school from Mon-Mon because the kids have their mid-term tests so we are not needed.

We spent the 4 day weekend in Kanchanaburi which is famous for ‘the Bridge over the River Kwai’, the World War 2 Allies cemetery and the 7 tiered Erawan Waterfall. The place was different to anywhere we had been so far. It has a bit of everything, especially; culture, nature, history and nightlife.


 On the second part of our journey from Ayutthaya to Kanchanburi.


My Home Guest House, where we spent 3 nights.

We started with the bridge and we were hugely disappointed, and confused, as to what the point of it is. We found out, prior to arriving, that the bridge that masses of tourists flock to is actually not the original ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ nor is it anything to do with the thousands of people who died to build the original bridge. The whole purpose of the original bridge was for access to Burma (now called Myanmar) and this bridge is far from the Burmese border. It is at the end of the main tourist strip, over a random river, which has also conveniently had it’s name changed to ‘the River Kwai’. They have literally fabricated the whole thing in order to promote tourism and cash in on the money of tourists. It is all pretty stupid but we went to check it out anyways.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571

 The not so River Kwai Bridge.

The highlight of Kanchanaburi was Erawan National Park where we went camping. The place is amazing and camping there was unreal. During the day we were climbing waterfalls and swimming in the pools.



IMG_2597 IMG_2601

By nightfall we were boozing and barbequing with Thai families who had also set up camp. We had our own drink but they invited us into their circle and did not stop feeding us for the entire night. They really do look after foreigners here and they are more than happy to invite us into there lives. It was immense.

IMG_2603 IMG_2617 IMG_2619 IMG_2621

The next morning we woke up early to revisit the waterfall in the hope that it would be less busy, we headed straight for the 4th tier. When we arrived it was empty, we had the pool to ourselves and the natural slides.


Dan on the baby slide.


Kelsey on the mans slide.

Anyways, today at school was ASEAN day. It was basically a celebration of the fact that a group of South East Asian countries have recently came together in unity. Something similar to the EU. Our school had a major festival and each country was represented by a different set of students and teachers. They were dressed head to toe in the traditional gear from the regions and had stalls selling cuisine from each nation. Our school loves a big celebration and they definitely know how to organize a party. It was such a good day and the students really, really got involved.


 One of our Ladyboy students.


Our attire for the day.


A variety of traditional ASEAN outfits.



We are travelling north next week and will be visiting Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai. We are getting the overnight train on Monday so next time we write we will have more stories to tell.

We have missed A LOT out of this blog because we haven’t updated in so long. We will try to fill in the gaps with some pictures. Enjoy.


 The elephant world cup in our school.


Teacher Appreciation Day.


Dan’s classroom selfie.


BBQ with our neighbors.

IMG_2345 IMG_2347

Visiting the temples on our doorstep.


Another visit to Ayutthaya floating market.


Another school festival to celebrate one of Thailand’s greatest poets.


Jamming with the band.


Fishing from our balcony.


Celebrating July 4th with Thais and Americans.