Arriving in Ayutthaya

After a 9 hour bus journey we finally arrived in Ayutthaya at 5 in the morning. The journey wasn’t too bad, however, we forgot to pack our mosquito spray to hand and were bitten to pieces for the entirety of the trip. When we arrived, on the outskirts of Ayutthaya, we still had the problem of making our way to the apartment with all of our bags. After finally finding a taxi, which was basically just a man in his car chancing it outside of the coach terminal, and getting directions from Andy (The Landlord) we arrived in our new apartment. The apartment is amazing and now we have unpacked it is starting to feel like home, which is good cause we are staying here for at least 4 and half months. On our first day in Ayutthaya we went for dinner with Andy, his Thai girlfriend, and the owners of the apartments Note and his girlfriend (both Thai). The meal was amazing. Dining with Thai’s means lots of different dishes, that you probably wouldn’t have the balls to order yourself, are chosen for you and shared around. Some of the best food we have had so far! After dinner, which was kindly paid for by Andy and Note, we headed to a nearby Buddhist festival which was held for the Royal Ploughing Ceremony. A Thai national holiday to celebrate the start of the rainy season.



Our apartment is a little bit out of the city center and we knew we needed to figure out a form of transport to get us from A to B. After witnessing the traffic in Thailand, there is no way I would risk getting a motorbike, even though we would be rented one with no questions asked. We have decided to go for, good old fashioned, bicycles as our mean of transport. Baskets, bells and all! On our second day we rented a couple from Note and cycled to the floating market. The floating Market has many different stalls and traditionally the market traders would arrive with their produce by boat and start selling directly from the water. Now this is upheld more for the tradition than the convenience but there are plenty of narrow boats which prepare, cook and sell food from the water to people passing through the market. We purchased some amazing food from the boats, sat on the floor with our legs crossed, knees tucked under the table, and ate it Thai style. Unfortunately we did not take our camera but I think the market is on every Saturday so there will be plenty of opportunities to get some pictures.

We start work on Wednesday and we are both really nervous but also excited as this is after all the reason we are in Thailand.

By the time we write our next post we will officially be teachers in Thailand!


One thought on “Arriving in Ayutthaya

  1. Gemma munro says:

    Wow all sounds amazing!! Bit sad about that poor elephant that you sat on for hours!!! Lol! Be nice to hear about the sanctrury if you get there!! Love the lady with the long neck! Legend! Xxx

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